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Volume 147

K 16 (V: 1001) (T. 220[9]) (H. 219)

Translation by Hsüan-tsang: 10th month, 22nd year of Chen kuan (貞觀), T'ang dynasty (唐) (A.D. 648) in Yü-hua-kung Monastery (玉華宮寺), Fang Chou (坊州), 1 or during the years of Yung Hui (永徽), T'ang dynasty (唐) (A.D. 650-655) in the Ta-tz'u-en Monastery (大寺恩寺), Hsi-ching (西京).2

1. T. 2154-556c:2.

2. T. 2153-382b:12.

3. K.16. identical to K1(9).

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