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Volumes 211-2121

K 78 (VII:1221) (T. 402) (H. 390)

Translation by Prabhāmitra: begun in the 3rd month, 3rd year of Chen Kuan (貞觀), T'ang dynasty (唐) (A.D. 629) and finished in the 4th month, 4th year of Chen Kuan (貞觀), Tang dynasty (唐) (A.D. 630) in Hsing-shan Monastery (興善寺), 2 or completed in the first year of Chen Kuan (貞觀), T'ang dynasty (唐) (A.D. 627) in Sheng-kuang Monastery (勝光寺).3

1. Vol. 211 ch. 1-5 殷; Vol. 212 ch. 6-10 殷.

2. T. 2154-553a:24.

3. T 2153-379a:21; T. 2148-181a:3.

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