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Volumes 425-4261

K 526 (XIV:251) (T. 1488) (H. 1125)

Translation by Dharmakṣema: 22nd day, 2nd month, 1st year of Ch'eng Hsüan (承玄), Northern Liang dynasty (北涼) (March 23rd, A.D. 428) in Hsien-yü Palace (官豫宮), Liang-tu (涼都), 2 or begun on the 23rd day, 4th month and completed on the 23rd day, 7th month, 15th year of Hsüan Shih (玄始), Northern Liang dynasty (北涼) (June 4th-September 10th, A.D. 426) in Ku-tsang (姑臧).3

1. Vol. 425 ch. 1-5, W vol. 426 ch. 6-7, 5f.

2. T. 2149-255c:18; T. 2149-320a:20.

3. T. 2154-519c:26; T. 2155-734b:28.

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