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Volume 876

K 959 (XXVIII:355) (T. 1550) (H. 1282)

Translation by Saṅghadeva and Hui-yüan: 16th year of T'ai Yüan (太元), Eastern Chin dynasty (東晉) (A.D. 391) on Mt. Lu (廬山), 1 but Chung ching mu lu (衆經目錄) gives: 1st year of T'ai K'ang (太唐), Chin dynasty (晉) (A.D. 280).2 Probably it is a mistake for the 1st year of T'ai Yüan (太元) (A.D. 376).

1. T. 2151-356c:11.

2. T. 2147-156a:11.

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