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Volume 933

K 1016 (XXX:417) (T. 207) (H. 205)

According to the colophon in the Korean version this book was compiled by Tao-liao of the T'ang dynasty (唐) (A.D. 618-907).1 However, the other version of the text, Chung ching hsüan tsa p'i yü, was also compiled by Tao-liao and translated by Kumārajīva in the 10th month, 7th year of Hung Shih (弘始), Later Ch'in dynasty (後秦) (November, A.D. 405).2 Therefore the date of the compilation should be sometime in the Later Ch'in dynasty (後秦) or earlier.

1. T. 2155-744c:18.

2. T. 208, vol. 4, p. 531, line 8.

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