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Volume 1291

K 1500

Compiled and annotated by Yŏn sŏnsa (連禪師): during the years of Kojong (高宗) (A.D. 1214-1259), Koryŏ dynasty (高麗). Published with an appendix by Chŏn Kwang-jae (全光宰) in the Chinan (晉安) area, Kyŏngsang province (慶尚道) in the 9th month, 35th year of Kojong (高宗) (A.D. 1248), Koryŏ dynasty (高麗).1

1. Appendix to the text. See the article by Koh Ik-jin, "On the author of Chŭng-do-ga-sa-sil included in the supplement to Tripitaka Koreana" Hanguk Pulgyohak, 1 (December, 1975), 77-86.

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