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Volumes S7-131

KS 13

Compiled by Ch'eng-yüan: Sung dynasty (宋) (A.D. 960-1279).2

Carved: 8th year of Sejo (世祖), Yi dynasty (李朝) (A.D. 1463) by the National Canon Publication Bureau in Sangju (尚州), Kyŏngsang province (慶尚道).

1. Vol. S7 ch. 1-2; Vol. S8 ch. 3-4; Vol. S9 ch. 5-6; Vol. S10 ch. 7-8; Vol. S11 ch. 9-10;Vol. S12 ch. 11-12; Vol. S13 ch. 13-14.

2. Appendix; T. 2184-1173c:11

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