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Volumes S66-751

KS 28

Written by Tao-yüan with a preface by Yang I: 1st year of Ching Te (景德), Sung dynasty (宋) (A.D. J 1004).2 Another preface by Yi Saek (A.D. 1372), Koryŏ dynasty (高麗).3

1. Vol. S.66 ch. 1-3; Vol. S.67 ch. 4-6; Vol. S.68 ch. 7-9; Vol. S.69 ch. 10-12; Vol. S.70. ch. 13-15; Vol. S.71 ch.16-18; Vol. S.72 ch. 19-21; vol. S.73 ch. 22-24 Vol. S.74 ch. 25-27; Vol. S.75 ch. 28-30.

2. T. 2035-402c:23

3. Appendix.

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