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Introducing Muller CJK-English Character Dictionary

This is an electronic CJK-English character (kanji) dictionary, which provides pronunciations and meanings for 6,572 characters and runs under the US version of Windows 95.

This dictionary provides the meaning and pronunciation for single characters as well as compound words.
It covers 6,572 CJK characters in JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and includes meanings and usage of 1,422 compound words.
Romanized readings for each character are provided in Chinese (Pinyin), Korean, and Japanese.

Search tools - You can look up characters by two main methods:
Radical and stroke. I.e., searching first for the character unders its traditional radical (classifier) and then in order of the number of the remaining strokes after the radical. This is the method by which Japanese and Korean CJK dictionaries are most commonly arranged.
By romanized pronunciation. This method has three sub-methods, in that one may perform this lookup by either Chinese, Korean or Japanese readings.
You can also perform reverse-searches by searching for text in the English definition section.
These lookup methods are designed to be similar to the function of the Windows 95 Explorer, thus their usage is readily learnable.

Since the program carries its own font system, it runs under English, as well as other international versions of Windows. The Help files and Manual are also written in English.
CJK characters are displayed with Matsushita Electric's PGTex technology--an attractive sixteen-gradation grey-scale font.
The program includes an attached CJK text display program called "ViewJ." Using this program, Shift-JIS text or Unicode text can be displayed on the screen of the US (or other international version) of Windows 95.
The characters in Unicode text that can be displayed are only those which are included in the JIS X 0208 character set.

System Requirement-Platform: US Version Windows 95

Introducing the author

A. Charles Muller
Ph.D. East Asian Philosophy and Religion

Ph.D. 1993 State University of New York at Stony Brook, Department of Comparative Studies, Program in Korean Studies

Present: Assistant Professor of East Asian Philosophy and Religion, Toyo Gakuen University, Chiba, Japan

1988-93: Lecturer in Buddhism, Chinese Philosophy and Literary Chinese. SUNY at Stony Brook

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Copyright © 1996

Dictionary: A. Charles Muller, Ph.D.

Software: EAST Co.,Ltd.

"PGTex" Gray Scale Font Technology:

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd.

DUCTUS Incorporated

Digital Fonts: IWATA Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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