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Volumes 1110-11111

K 1272 (XXXVI:631) (T. 1177a) (H. 1154)

Translation by Amoghavajra: who came to Lo-yang (洛陽) with Vajrabodhi in the 8th year of K'ai Yüan(開元), T'ang dynasty (唐) (A.D. 720)2 and died in the 9th year of Ta Li (大暦), T'ang dynasty (唐) (A.D. 774).

1. Vol. 1110 ch. 1-5溪; Vol. 1111 ch. 6-10 溪. See Vol. 1256-1257.

2. T. 2157-881a:17.

. T. 2157-890a:8.

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