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Volumes 1256-12571

[Note from editor of digitized version: This entry in fact appears in the print version on page 476, between entries K.1497 and K.1498.]

K 1272a (T. 1177a)

Translation by Amoghavajra (A.D. 720-774): identical to K.1272. Engraved by the sub-division of the Sūtra Publication Bureau in A.D. 1244, two years earlier than the K.1272 edition by the (Main) Sūtra Publication Bureau.2

1. Vol. 1256 ch. 1-5 鷄; Vol. 1257 ch. 6-10 鷄.

2. Colophon of the text. Tae-jang mong-nok (大藏目錄, K.1405) does not list under 鷄.

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